Dienstag, 6. September 2016

Visiting the reconstructed Motte in Lütjenburg

In the Middle Ages parts of Schleswig-Holstein were reined by the Count of Schauenburg. His knights build small mottes to protect the land against Danes and Slavs and others Folks with doubtful intentions.
One of those mottes was reconstructed near the town of Lütjenburg. In a beautiful landscape it stands, built after historical examples. To make it even better, three or four times a year, the motte is full of live: with a castellan, a bard, monks, a blacksmith, musicians, women who spin wool, travelling people of any kind. And all of them in medieval clothes.
Last weekend it was time again for us to pay it a visit.

Inkeri was patiently waiting for the leave.

The weather was cloudy but it didn't rain.

Inkeri was very interested in the various crafts. There was so much to see! 

This is in the knight's house. Hey, get down from the knight's chair! He will be angry if he ever gets to know that.

The view from the wooden tower was spectacular.

There is a small garden with herbs and a medlar tree.

Inkeri wants to learn everything about herbs and medicine and alchemistry.

Time for a dance!

Doings and dealings and some fights. It was a fascinating day and Inkeri was tired when we went home again.

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