Dienstag, 6. September 2016

Visiting the reconstructed Motte in Lütjenburg

In the Middle Ages parts of Schleswig-Holstein were reined by the Count of Schauenburg. His knights build small mottes to protect the land against Danes and Slavs and others Folks with doubtful intentions.
One of those mottes was reconstructed near the town of Lütjenburg. In a beautiful landscape it stands, built after historical examples. To make it even better, three or four times a year, the motte is full of live: with a castellan, a bard, monks, a blacksmith, musicians, women who spin wool, travelling people of any kind. And all of them in medieval clothes.
Last weekend it was time again for us to pay it a visit.

Inkeri was patiently waiting for the leave.

The weather was cloudy but it didn't rain.

Inkeri was very interested in the various crafts. There was so much to see! 

This is in the knight's house. Hey, get down from the knight's chair! He will be angry if he ever gets to know that.

The view from the wooden tower was spectacular.

There is a small garden with herbs and a medlar tree.

Inkeri wants to learn everything about herbs and medicine and alchemistry.

Time for a dance!

Doings and dealings and some fights. It was a fascinating day and Inkeri was tired when we went home again.

Montag, 9. Mai 2016

Madame goes shopping

Last saturday there was the annual Fashion Doll Convention in Hittfeld near Hamburg. I live going there as it means I'll meet people I otherwise only "see" on the web. Plus I can spend money on doll things. So I took Inkeri and Madame La Fée Verte with me.

First thing every year is the table of BeAr-Bau and their actual display. It changes from year to year. This time they've build a medieval tavern. Inkeri found it very interesting and wantes to stay and have a chat with Jens.

But Madame was in an adventurous mind. "Nice here, but now let's go shopping."

"I don't think these clothes will fit Inkeri." No, they won't, but that's a pity becuase they are beautifully made and exactly what I am looking for.

"You are some big ladies, aren't you?" They prefered not to answer.

The flower shop was wonderful. "That is one nice flower shop. I think I'll need at least one of the candle glasses for my new café."

Some of the stands had lots of vintage dolls and things. "This tea table is perfect. But if I remember right, we've got some sparkling wine left at home."

"I'm tired. This inn is a good place to rest. You just go and look for some tableware and cake and goodies and such."

Luckily I hadn't to wank far. Just at the corner there was this stand with tableware and Fimo miniatures. Wonderous to behold. How manage to make things that small and accurate?

New guests had arrived.

"Decent folk around here."

"When you're done, too, we can leave." Thank you. And yes, I'm done, my feet hurt, so let's get back home. And this is what we (or better: Madame) bought:

Donnerstag, 18. Februar 2016

La Fée Verte

When Greetje as the last of my season sprites arrived I thought I was done buying dolls - I had all what I ever wished for. Okay, maybe a Realpuki Soso one fine day or a Realfee Pano. But that was still far away, I felt.
Then I saw that beauty on ebay - a Pukifee Shiwoo. I love the Shiwoo face, such a versatile expression! She was trying to speak to me, but I couldn't understand. I went back and forth and looked at her and tried very hard to hear what she was telling me.
I am on a fashion doll forum as well, and one of the ladies there is very apt in making little thnigs from scrap. In january she made a little absinth bottle. And it made click. I went to ebay, looked at said Pukifee and finally understood what she was telling me. Don't ask me why, but now I knew that she was an absinth-fairy. I never knew that there are fairies for drinks, but you live and learn. The seller was super-nice and let me put her on a short layaway. In februray she was home.

"I cannot stay that nakid, so hurry up and make me something to wear. In green, please." She knew what she wanted, for sure.

My skeleton, whose name is Ashes Stardust, was fascinated of her. They were friends at first sight.

I was obeying and hurried making her a dress. In green. And matching legwarmers. "That will do for the start." The shoes she had snagged from my sea-fairy Aava. Without asking much.

Her name is Marmude, but only dear friends and near relatives are allowed to call her by that name, and even those only in private. When in public she prefers to be called Madame La Fée Verte. The french use this expression for absinth.

Slowly she is revealing her story to me. I asked her if she would allow me to write it down here. She gracely gave her approval.

There are many fairies out there. All of them have different abilities and responsibilities. When mankind started to make (alcoholic) drinks, some fairies turned their interests to them. Water and herbs always played a major part in their realm and in their magic, so liquers of all sorts were exciting, too.
Marmude is a Low Saxon name for vermouth, an important ingredient of absinth. Her mother was a garden fairy, deeply connected to medicinal herbs. She lived in a pharmacist's garden for many years, after spending her youth in an irish abbey, where monks studied and practised medicine.
As Marmude herself grew up, she went to Ireland, too. Every fairy tries to come to Ireland at least once as, well, Ireland and fairies - they belong together. Later on she went to France, where absinth has gotten famous and feared. There Marmude met many famous artists, as Toulouse-Lautrec, Degas and Manet. But with the turn of the century she went on and opened a pub at Hogsmeade, "The Grumbling Owl".
It was a dark and narrow space. Goblins and house elves spend their free time there, and other, even more obscure creatures. The pixies for example, those, Professor Lockhart set free, were known to drink loudly to his health. They found it too funny that he lost his memories and had to be treated in St. Mungo's. Pixies are odd creatures and can be reckless and mean. Students and teachers of Hogwarts came rarely in, only Professor Flitwick sat there once in a while. Of the students merely Bill Weasley was a frequent guest, here he made many connections to goblins. It was why he came to work for Gringott's after school. Fairies came often in, some devas, gnomes, and sprites. Not all of them were friendly, some were even practising ancient or dark magic. Marmude had her hands full to keep things quiet and peaceful in her pub, but of course things went downhill, as the Dark Lord returned. It got harder and harder to get the guests to behave themselves. Marmude took a younger cousin in to help her, and together they managed to keep everything more or less under control.
But after the victory over Voldemort, Marmude lost all interest in the pub. Many of the habitués had died, others had fled. She left the pub to her cousin and went travelling again. She visited relatives in all Europe, so for example her aunt Anise in Greece and a cousin Krumpir in Russia.
Now she is settling down here with us and is making plans for opening a new establishment.

Mittwoch, 6. Januar 2016

Little Christmas

As promised Sootie should have his very own Little Christmas today. You know what day it is today, right? Today the Three Wise Man came to little Jesus and brought him presents: gold, frankincense and myrrh. Very symbolic presents, of which at least the gold was also of practical use. I wonder what they did with frankincense and myrrh? Ebay was not invented by that time...
Anyway, the kids got up early today and even dressed for the occasion. I'll have to see that the girls get in warmer clothes, for it has gotten cold here. But for today and only being inside it was alright.
The present was laid under the tree. The kids have their own, special Christmas Tree. I knitted it in the advent, every day a bit and on Christmas it was ready. The size is perfect for my sweethearts.

Sirpa and Toivo awaited Sootie at the tree.

Then Inkeri came with Sootie on her arm so he could see the surprise that was waiting for him.

"A tree! And a present! That looks so nice!"

"That present is for you, Sootie" Toivo said.

"A present for me? A present for me!" Sootie was excited. Never had something like this happened to him. He was only a little sprite in the end.

He was almost crying. "A pillow. And a blanket. Just for me. It is so soft."

The kids were moved, Sootie was so happy with this small present.

"Thank you, Santa! That is so lovely!"

"I will test it right now!"

And while the kids debated if to dance round the tree (the girls voted yes, Toivo voted no. never), Sootie laid down with his new pillow and his new blanket.

What a joyous day!

"May the Spirit of Christmas be in your heart for always!" And then the burst into one of their favorite carols: "In the bleak midwinter..."